You might notice that digital content here is priced as “pay what you want”. This means that you can decide for yourself how much to pay, or indeed if you want to pay at all, to download any and all of my music (prices of physical formats are also kept low – you have the option to pay more if you like).

This is because, particularly for artists of an “alternative”/”underground” bent working at the grass-roots level, digital distribution is not as straight forward as selling physical “stuff”.  It has become equivalent to sales, sharing, advertising and airplay all rolled into one.  So, what we have here is an “honour system”.  If you download my music for free and find value in it, then please do think about making a payment, if you can afford it.  Like any artist, to keep doing what I do, I need that support.

If you can’t afford it, no worries. Maybe one day you’ll be able to chip in.

Either way, if you like what you hear, share it, recommend it – spread the word!

Craig Hughes