New stuff …

Here’s the first of three of new tunes from the first Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus gig a couple of weeks back, Catch a Break.

The others will be uploaded over the next few days.  These are warts-and-all/rough’n’ready recordings to be sure but hopefully they’ll be worth checking out.

Quick update + gig date

Apologies for the lack of news etc. since last year – I’m afraid  life rather got in the way.  This site will be being updated regularly (at least weekly) again as of now. There will be news about gigs, releases and new sounds coming soon.  In the meantime …

I’ll be playing a showcase gig with new band The Crow Bone Chorus at The Audio Lounge in Glasgow on Saturday afternoon, May 5th.  More details to follow.

Gang agley …

Well, there you go. No matter how daintily you tiptoe through life, it’ll still give you an unexpected kick in the cock just to remind you who’s boss. And so, due to ill health, plans for live work for the rest of 2017 have had to be shelved. Hopefully we’ll pick up where we left off in late January or February of next year. On a cheerier note, the “Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus” rehearsals are carrying on regardless. They’re sounding rather good too.

For the same reasons as above, plans for the Off the Cuff EP release have also changed. However, rather than leave it until next year, we’ve opted to put it out for download/streaming as a Bandcamp exclusive as of Friday, December 1st. A physical release and full digital distribution will follow in March 2018. Ish. Full details on the Bandcamp release will be up here in the next day or two. Please do check back.

Introducing: The Crow Bone Chorus.

Just discovered that an update to this site earlier this month didn’t “take”, so here’s the belated news …


With our first couple of rehearsals under our belts, I’m happy to say that my erstwhile band mates in Dog Moon Howl, Bryan Campbell and Ally Tennick, are joining me in a new project: Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus.  We’ll soon be bringing new music to a venue near you, by which I mean a venue near us, as well as selections from my studio releases and more besides.

Plans are now afoot to record and release my next album under the Craig Hughes & The Crow Bone Chorus banner.  The album is unlikely to be underway before early 2018 but we intend to be playing live before the end of this year.  The band will run in conjunction with The Craig Hughes Two, also gigging soon as well as releasing that pesky EP/mini album we’ve been threatening since forever.